Animals and Aquariums in Bangkok

Bangkok is filled with places where kids can learn about animals or see them at play. Nowadays, you can get closer than ever before… Care to dive with sharks, play with butterflies in their natural habitat, wrap a python around your neck or ride a paddle boat in a crocodile-infested pond? All the thrills you can imagine can be found at the only Zoo in Bangkok and several animal parks.

Though most of these places (except for Dusit Zoo) are located on the outskirts of Bangkok, all of them are well worth a day trip and guarantee a fun excursion for the whole family.

if you are not tired of the various animal shows included in your tour package, like monkey show, elephant show, cobra show, crocodile wrestling show and more, then you can head to Bangkok’s Only Safari Park Attraction, the Safari World.

Bangkok Zoos and Aquariums

Bangkok Sea Life Ocean World

More than just an underwater experience, SEA LIFE Bangkok Ocean World is home to a range of special activities

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