Anti Aging Treatments in Bangkok

Thailand’s medical & wellness industry offers a vast range of treatments including Anti Aging or Holistic medicine, which attempts to heal by engaging body, mind, and spirit to pursue the goal of maximum health.

Holistic medicine is comprised of many different kinds of therapies aiming to not only treat illnesses after they have arisen, but also to care for the person as a complete being, focusing on sickness prevention and health promotion.

As a way of maintaining well-being, holistic medicine endeavors to accomplish what we’ve always been told to do – “take care of our health” – so we can live longer.  There is now an effective approach to anti-aging or longevity treatments, which attempt to slow down aging and allow people to grow old healthily with a high quality of life in their later years.

In Thailand and in especially in Bangkok in particular, many facilities offering anti-aging treatments are using holistic methods, which have led to a gradual integration of the two types of care, and a wide array of “holistic/anti-aging” treatments and clinics.  These centres perform thorough check-ups of an individual’s body, including complete bio-resonance body scans, blood analyses, and ECGs (electrocardiograms) to enable them to design a treatment program that is suited to their needs.

Programs include liver detoxifications, intravenous vitamin and antioxidant infusions, plus treatments like chelation therapy (removes heavy metals from the blood), oxygen therapy (assists in keeping the immune system healthy and active), and hormone replacement therapies (HRT).

Aesthetic treatments are also popular in holistic/anti-aging programs, such as laser skin resurfacing, Botox injections, and dermal fillers to reduce wrinkles and improve skin tone; non-surgical face-lift procedures; and cellulite elimination and various weight loss regimes.

Bangkok probably leads the world in Anti-Aging treatments and our selection of leading centers includes :-

ADD Life

Addlife founders are the pioneers and most experienced Anti-Aging physicians in Thailand.

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Thai Regen

Thai Regen offers stem cell therapy Programs and other medical and holistic healing treatments.

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Le Vera Clinic

We offer Anti Aging procedures such as Botox, Mesotherapy, Filler, Dermal Filler with great results in Bangkok.

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Dr. Orawan Holistic and Anti Aging Clinic

The Anti-Aging Institute continues to pioneer a revised approach to holistic healing by combining the best of Western medicine with the wisdom of the Orient.

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Intelli Health Rejuvenation Centers

Our Anti-aging clinic is a state-of-the-art medical and laboratory facility in the heart of Bangkok.

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