Asians Flock to Thailand

Powered by a surge in Asian tourists, Thailand’s visitor arrivals in 2015 hit an all-time record of 29.88 million (+20.44%) and generated around 1.44 trillion Baht, up 23.39% over 2014 in Thai tourism revenue.

The latest data released by the Ministry of Tourism and Sports, earlier this week, indicated 21,275,750 visitors, or a 71.20% market share, were sourced in Asia, which generated about 821 billion Baht in revenue.

Supported by the Tourism Authority of Thailand’s Thainess campaign, it would seem it has been successful in restoring travel confidence.”

China gained the top spot for the second year in a row generating 7,934,791 visitors, up 71.14% on 2014. This was partly fuelled by the hit Chinese movie ‘Lost in Thailand’, and with ‘Lost in Thailand 2’ due out shortly, this is expected to boost the number of Chinese visiting the land of smiles in 2016.

Malaysia in second place delivered 3,423,397 arrivals representing an increase of 30.99% over 2014. Four more Asian ‘plus million’ markets followed: Japan (1,381,690), Korea (1,372,995), Lao PDR. (1,233,138), and India (1,069,149).
There was a smaller increase of 4.30% from the British market who finished in seventh place with 946,919 visits, the highest performance in Europe.

Singapore followed in eighth place supplying 937,311 visits up 11.04%. Russia, despite a decline, closed the year in ninth place with 884,085 visitors.In tenth place, the USA market grew 13.62% to deliver 867,520 visits.

The regional overview placed East Asia, which includes ASEAN, top with 19.87 million visits representing a market share of 66.5%. This region generate nearly 760 billion Baht in income to Thailand.

Despite the economic situation, Europe remained second with a market share of 18.84% or 5.63 million visitors with 408 billion Baht in revenue.

South Asia was third with a market share of 4.70% on 1.4 million arrivals generated income to Thailand at 61.27 billion Baht (+22.55%).

The TAT Governor said, “Looking at the 2016 prospects; such as, a severe winter and lower airfares, TAT could encourage more travel from Europe, but our 2016 goals focus on balancing the market share, driving higher spending and extending the length of stay by promoting secondary destinations and high value travel experiences.”