Cafés in Bangkok

Bangkok has become the place to try out new styles of indivual cafés and chain outlets. It could be said that Bangkok is the capital of Asia’s café society with individuals setting up shop all over the city.

Coffee has become extremely important here especially for the busy executive on the way to work, and some locals will even make a detour just to grab their favorite blend of coffee, some grown in Thailand. Of course being in a hot climate these cafés also do a great trade in cool smoothies and frozen coffee too.

Also the large coffee chains are also doing a roaring trade and for many these cafes provide a second home with good internet access and a friendly place to chill out with your friends.

Apart from coffee and tea, these cafes provide a wide range of goodies ranging from toasted bagels to crepes and salads to hamburgers.

Mostly these are fun modern cafés with quirky designs and unusual locations, so you can arrange to meet a riverside cafe or perhaps a café around the corner from your home, hotel or office.

Recommended Cafés in Bangkok

Greyhound Café

Greyhound first opened its door in Bangkok in 1980, launching it’s fashion line ‘Basic with a Twist’ style and attitude.

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Roast Café

Our goal is to provide the community with high quality comfort food made with the freshest ingredients possible.

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BrainWake Café

Cafė Serving All Day Breakfast, Sandwiches, Noodles, Rice Dishes, Amazing Coffee and Drinks.

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Au Bon Pain

You can find Au Bon Pain all over Bangkok and enjoy a freshly made sandwich and a nice coffee.

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On Nineteen Café

A great little Café on Sukhumvit soi 19

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