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Bangkok with it’s vibrant nightlife and relaxed attitude towards adult entertainment, really can offer everything/anything for everyone!

Whilst some prefer to visit the establishments in the Night Life areas or other pick-up places, others prefer a more discreet and reliable service using the offers from the many Bangkok Escort agencies or Independent Escorts.

If using an escort agency you will generally call to a central agency where an English speaking operator can offer you the services of a variety of young ladies to suit your specific tastes. The costs are fixed and the lady of your choice generally arrives directly to your hotel/apartment door within an hour. The advantages are discretion and supposedly quality as they are coming from an agency. You do have the opportunity to complain to the agency if the young lady is not exactly who you required, but this service comes with a higher price tag.

Independent Lady Escorts are also available in Bangkok. Here you are dealing directly with the lady concerned and not with an agency. Generally these Bangkok Independents are therefore cheaper than Escort agencies as you are effectively cutting out the agency commission. Some Independents can be charming and even excellent guides and companions for your time in Bangkok.

Whilst in Bangkok you may wish to try the Ladyboy experience and some quality time with one of Bangkok’s charming and beautiful Ladyboy Escorts could provide you with a memorable (and private) experience.

Single ladies and even couples can also avail themselves of adult pleasures with many agencies also offering male escorts and also either sex escorts for a couples enjoyment. For the gay visitors, Bangkok also has a vast range of male escorts available.

As a very open minded society most hotels understand who the visitors are and are extremely discreet. Some will request that the visitor leave a copy of their ID with reception. This is mainly for your protection should something go wrong or you find something missing from your room.

Remember to take precautions, lock away any valuables and do not allow temptation to spoil your experiences. Always enjoy safe sex in Bangkok.

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