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For many males travelling to or living in Bangkok, one of the great attractions is the plethora of attractive Thai ladies that appear to be everywhere that you look. In fact the choice is almost limitless creating a ‘kiddie in a candy shop’ reaction amongst many.

If you are travelling with friends its great fun to go out on the hunt together, and see who you meet. However, if you are own your own it can be quite daunting and a challenge to your nerves and pocket! Having a “Wingman” is the ideal solution and this is exactly the service that ‘Bangkok Wingman’ provides.

Our Wingmen are mostly Europeans with many years experience with Bangkok and of Thai Ladies! All enjoy a good time out and will not only show you the best places to go but will offer advice and will be watching your back to ensure that you avoid some of the unfortunate scams that exist.

We will meet and discuss your requirements and wishes for the evening and then proceed to show you the best places in town for fun, for eye candy and to meet some nice ladies to choose from.

All are experts on the Bangkok Bar Scene and at the initial meeting the different categories and rates will be discussed to prepare you for your unforgettable experience.

Most importantly all Bangkok Wingman are great socialisers. Very soon you will be friends and most importantly they will be with you all evening to watch your back(and your wallet!)

Whether you want to visit the infamous GoGo bars, live music pubs, beer bars or more sophisticated night clubs, we know where to go, how to behave and how to meet the opposite sex. A small investment in a Bangkok Wingman will greatly increase your enjoyment and will save you from possible bad situations.


Bangkok night-life is exciting, raunchy, in-expensive, highly entertaining and above all, fun! For a couple an independent nightlife tour can be challenging as we generally find that the lady wants to see and experience it all whilst her partner often feels uncomfortable and protective with some many lovely ladies around and so many services on offer!

Therefore we offer our Bangkok Wingman Couples Tour. We will start at a typical Thai restaurant located close to Asoke. Dinner will be good and varied Thai food which can be discussed with your guide. Over dinner your amicable Wingman will describe the evening ahead and between you the evening’s entertainment will be planned.

Generally after dinner we head to Soi Cowboy with it’s vast array of more than 25

A go-go Bars. To acclimatise, we suggest a drink at one of the oldest bars on the street to get used to the bright neon, noise and calls of the hundreds of girls on the street. Here we will introduce you to the charming Mamasan and talk openly on what goes on. Then we can visit some of the bars. Don’t worry, the bars are happy to see couples come in and the cheeky chat and suggestions are all for fun.

After your indoctrination we will take motor bike taxis to the even more raunchy and loud Nana Plaza. One of the most amazing Adult Entertainment Centres in the world with 4 levels of noise, girls and entertainment. We can start with a drink around the hot tub in one of the bars and watch the young ladies gyrate, then progress to a more select bar with amazing rock music, floor shows and of course lots of lovely ladies.

No trip to the Bangkok Nightlife scene is complete without a visit to one of the famous Ladyboy Bars. These ‘ladies’ are generally stunning and a lot of fun to be with and they really know how to entertain. Relax, have fun and remember, ‘What Happens in Bangkok, stays in Bangkok!

The Bangkok Wingman Couples Nightlife tour includes:-

  • Traditional Thai Dinner

  • Bangkok Wingman guide services for 5 hours

  • Motor bike taxi from Soi Cowboy to Nana

  • Visits to at least 6 bars/A go-go’s

The cost for a most memorable evening THB.4,000. Please note that no drinks are included in this cost and you will be expected to invite your Wingman and possibly some of the ladies and Mamasans!

Why take a Bangkok Wingman Couples Tour?

  • We know Bangkok and know where to take you

  • We help you avoid all the scams so you can relax and have fun

  • We know the bars and the Mamasans which will make your visit more enjoyable

  • Your Bangkok Wingman is watching over you all the time and will ensure that nothing happens to you

  • You can tell us what you want and we can normally arrange it for you

  • Complete safety and totally discreet



For just THB.2,500 + all entrances and drinks, our Bangkok Wingman will be showing you the best places and ensuring your evening in Bangkok will be most memorable.

Please contact us at least 48 hours in advance for your booking.

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We assure you of Complete Confidentiality, there is virtually no correspondence and no records are kept.