Setting up a Bangkok Bank Account

Opening a Thai Bank Account

Opening a Bank Account in Thailand can be a most frustrating experience as a majority of banks require that you already have a Work Permit! In fact to apply for a Work Permit you already need a bank account!

You can try walking into various banks and ask if you can open an account, you may have success but generally the answer is “No Work Permit – No Bank Account”!

However help is available! June is a most personable and efficient lady who can generally assist you in opening a bank account with a Thai bank whether you have a tourist visa, visa on arrival stamp or any other type of visa.

You will need your Passport, a 12 month lease agreement (don’t worry if you don’t have one!) and a minimum of THB 1,500 to deposit into your account. Once created you will receive an account, an account passbook, and ATM Debit Card and access to online banking.

June’s fee is THB 3,995 and her service is well worth the money as you will save a lot of time.

Contact June at Bangkok Helper