Cosmetic Surgery in Bangkok

Every year thousands of people travel to Bangkok for various cosmetic surgery procedures. Why?

There are many good reasons:-

  • A vast selection of highly qualified and creative doctors
  • Many years of experience
  • Range of highly professional clinics utilising latest equipment and procedures
  • Low prices yet high quality
  • Well organised from enquiry to operation and recuperation
  • Gentle, English speaking staff

Bangkok offers a wide range of varying cosmetic procedures for both men and women. Cosmetic surgery options include breast augmentation, implants, reductions, lifts, Botox injections, facelifts, eye lid surgery, body sculpting. rhinoplasty, abdominoplasty, hair transplants, liposuction and many more!

Some of the larger Hospitals employ teams of Doctors and assistants that speak excellent English. Patients are treated with great respect and the Thai hospitality compliments these facilities and makes the patients feel at ease.

In addition to the massive hospital infrastructure, there are also a vast range of smaller, specialised clinics operating on a more personal service.

Naturally great care must be taken on deciding which clinic for your operation. Prices may differ but not always is cheapest the best route for Cosmetic Surgery. Always look for recommendations and comments from previous patients.

Bangkok, and the rest of Thailand also offer a wonderful range of quiet, exclusive resorts that provide excellent destinations to recuperate in the wonderful climate.

Bangkok also offers many specialised additional services including the excellent friendship/companionship service offered by Med-Friends and the WOI Concierge Service can also be of assistance.

Whatever you want to replace or change on your body, it is possible in Bangkok!

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