Dating in Bangkok

Thai women are well know for their quiet demeanour and loyalty and you are probably aware of the term ‘Thai Bride’ where foreigners have travelled to Thailand to meet their life partner, either to take them back to their home country or to settle together in Thailand.

There are several opportunities for men looking to meet lovely Thai ladies. The most publicised are the bar girls from the many red light and recreation areas. Whilst many successful unions have resulted from such encounters, there is the expression that you can ‘take the girl from the bar but never the bar from the girl’

Throughout the country there are multitudes of lovely ladies of all ages and backgrounds. Many come from the rural areas, are loyal and would make excellent wives but language and cultural challenges should be considered.

In the last years a number of Thai Dating websites have emerged that provide an opportunity to meet and even chat online. Many Western men have met their soul-mates on these sites but on the other side many have been cheated and fallen foul to scams. Proceed with caution!

Whilst we list some sites, we do advise caution when you proceed. Take your time, don’t rush, find out who the person really is and try to establish their intentions. Many of the girls/ladies have children(are you ready for a new family?) and don’t forget the family bond that is prevalent in Thailand where the daughters especially are expected to look after their aging parents.

There are excellent books available and Facebook groups dedicated to the cultural differences. If you have no knowledge of Thai culture study you proceed at your peril!

On most sites, the functionality is restricted to the membership that you have. At the basic level you have few options and you will be required to upgrade to take full advantage of all the facilities. You can look or place you profile for the ladies to also find you.

Don’t fall for the first ones, take your time and learn the site and the mentality. If money is mentioned at an early stage – stop! The oldest scam was that the water buffalo was sick now it is that the village tractor is broken and the family cannot eat unless it is repaired. Proceed with caution.

We know of many highly successful multi-cultural marriages and many met on-line or through introductions. We hope that our recommendations help you find the happiness that you are looking for and wish you and your Thai bride a long and rewarding life together!

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