Dental Treatment in Bangkok

We have tried to find out the official number of dentists operating in Bangkok but have not been able to find accurate figures. It almost appears that there is a Dentist or Dental Surgery on virtually every street.

Generally the level of treatment is high however work on the adage that ‘you get what you pay for!’

Many of the leading hospitals boast extensive dental facilities of the highest standard utilising highly trained dentists and the latest equipment. For serious dental treatment you are best to contact at least one of the major hospitals in addition to a specialised clinic to obtain more opinions on the treatment required and the costs.

Whilst there are always a few rogues, most people have only praise for the level of treatment and service they have received. The treatments available are extremely comprehensive from extensive dental treatment, root canals, dental crowns, bridges and implants and extractions.

General dentist check ups are extremely popular with visitors to Bangkok with a majority opting for teeth cleaning and whitening with excellent results.

Bangkok has an amazing number of Dental Clinics and our selection of leading centers includes :-

Bangkok International Dental Center

Thailand Dental Clinic

Dental Hospital Bangkok

Dental Center Bumrungrad

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Bangkok Dental Spa