Elephant Trekking in Bangkok

Bangkok Elephant Trekking 

Elephant trekking can be a memorable experience not to be missed during your stay in Bangkok, especially for the kids. There are numerous elephant camps around Bangkok that provide an opportunity to ride on an elephant along a trail through jungle and rubber plantations.

Thai elephants were considered sacred animals in the ancient time. Their ancestors and ours have a very beautiful relationship together especially during the wars. Only the death could make them come apart.

Elephant ride is a routine job for elephants. It’s better for one who doesn’t want to get wet…but it’s really hot.. you will sit on the wooden bench..not a problem for anyone who has a knee problem.

If you really love to try something fun and adventurous.. Giving them a bath is much much better. It has been voted to be the highlight of many tourists’journeys!!!! 

Elephants will love it just as much as you do..and you will have once-in-a-lifetime experience to remember fondly for good..

Elephant Activities in Bangkok

Elephant Riding and Bathing Tours

This tour offers you the chance to experience the idyllic natural beauty of Erawan National Park and it’s seven waterfalls before getting up close and personal with Thailand’s iconic elephants.

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