Food Courts in Bangkok

Food courts are often synonymous with loud shopping centres with a very mediocre gastronomic experience. Whilst some do enter this description, Bangkok’s long and distinctive love of food has lead to the creation of an amazing range of Food Courts around the city.

A majority are located the ever growing number of Shopping Centres and Malls. Most offer a vast rage of food, both Thai and International, most of the ‘stands’ offer just a few dishes which are generally excellently prepared. And the costs are minimal. Generally as you enter you will see a Cash Counter where you exchange your 100 Bah for a plastic card, you peruse the many outlets and then choose your dish. You don’t pay cash rather use this special card. If you don’t use all the money on your card, no problem just return to the Cash Counter and your balance will be returned in cash immediately!

Food Courts are an excellent way to learn Thai (and other Asian food) by being able to point, though most stands also have their offers in Thai and English.

Most of these Food Courts operate through the day but not late into the evening as the malls close at 22:00

Variations on this theme include the Thai evening food courts with a centralised seating area with a vast variety of stalls or mobile carts located around the perimeter. No cash counter at these though with each stand accepting only cash.

Some more refined evening Food Courts exist around the city. Each has its own character with a vast array of kitchens offering differing food located around a centralised seating area. Generally outdoors, so subject to weather conditions!

Recommended Food Courts in Bangkok

Terminal 21 Food Court

W District

MBK Center Food Court

EM District Food Court

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