Getting to Bangkok / Airports

All leading airlines fly to Bangkok in addition to a number of specialised charter flights. Most airlines are flying comfortable, wide bodied aircraft making your journey as pleasant as any long flight can be!

Bangkok Airports

Bangkok boasts 2 International airports. The relatively new and futuristic Suvarnnabhumi and earlier Dong Mueang which is seeing a resurgence as demand for air travel increases.

Suvarnabhumi is the major port of entry for International flights. You will be welcomed with a bright and highly efficient airport. Clear signs will lead you down the gleaming, bright corridors to Immigration Control, once your Passport is stamped, you will find your luggage has probably already arrived. Its then just a short walk through the Customs Control and then, Congratulations you are in Bangkok!

If you are worried about lines at Immigration, which sometimes happen at peak hours, there is a VIP/Fast Track service available for a small charge, this must be booked in advance.

There are many methods of getting from Suvarnabhumi to the centre. There are AOT Limousines that can be booked from counters located in the arrivals hall. These are ore expensive than normal taxis but do offer more comfort and luggage space!

Taxis are always available outside the arrivals hall on the 1st floor by doors 4 and 7. The journey is by meter and insist on this. There is an additional service charge of THB.50 for the driver. If you want a faster trip to your accommodation, ask the driver to take the Express or Toll Way. You pay the charges! The taxi charge to the centre should not exceed THB.500 unless you hot very bad traffic!

If you are travelling light and prefer public transportation take the impressive Airport Rail Link which whisks you on its elevated tracks to the centre and connects with other public transportation. The Airport Rail link departs from B floor, the lowest at the airport and connects with the Subway(MRT) at Makkasan Station and Bangkok’s Skytrain (BTS) at Phayathai station.
Don Mueang used to be Bangkok’s main airport and has a rather unique feature of a golf course located between the runways! Initially planned to close after being replaced by the modern Suvarnabhumi it s now enjoying a new lease of life (and renovations) due to the rapid increase of low cost airlines. Whilst mainly domestic there are a growing number of International flights now coming in to Don Mueang.

Don Mueang is currently not so convenient for public transportation and it is generally recommended to take a taxi. Again there is THB.50 surcharge from the airport and all journeys are by better. Dong Mueang does have the advantage of being very close to the Express way and it is recommended to tell the driver to take this and you pay the minimal fees!

Welcome to Bangkok!