Health and Wellness in Bangkok

Bangkok is probably the worlds leading city when it comes to the vast variety of Health & Wellness Offers covering specialised Hospitals & Clinics, Spas, Massage, Beauty Salons, Dentistry and Anti Aging.

Bangkok is almost synonymous with massage, in fact massage shops can be found everywhere throughout the city. Massage is a way of life to Thais and kids are often trained to massage their parents to relieve then of the aches and pains of working on the farm all day. There are 2 main types of massage shops, those that offer genuine and excellent massage and nothing more and those that offer poor massage but a lot more! The later are generally identified by the plethora of scantily dressed young ladies. A real massage shop is to be recognised by it’s demurely dressed (normally traditional) staff. A traditional Thai 1 hour massage generally costs from 200 THB per hour.

Bangkok Spas are generally located in the better hotels scattered around the city offering high quality day spa experiences at generally higher prices but the quality and ambience are exquisite with many offering very special ‘signature’ procedures.

Beauty Salons also abound in the City of Angels with ladies and gentlemen being offered a vast variety of treatments to restore the body after a hard day in the city. Beauty Salons vary from relatively simple hairdressers to mini spas offering a full range of beauty treatments from facials to pedicures.

With a culture for dentistry and with many Universities and Colleges offering specialised courses, the number of dentists and dental hygienists in Bangkok is vast and the competition has led to high levels of service, quality and lower prices. Many people come from around the world for intricate surgery in additional to general check-ups, oral cleansing and teeth whitening.

Thailand has long been famous for its attitude to life and health and Cosmetic Surgery in Bangkok is well established offering a vast arrange of procedures to add to the comfort of ones life or to improve performance. Many Thai ladies take surgery quite you and accept Botox procedures as a way of life, if you want to stay young and beautiful!

Hospitals and Clinics abound in Bangkok with the leading establishments boasting 1,000s of highly qualified surgeons and Doctors. Some come to Bangkok for intricate invasive surgery, others for more mundane treatments that are cheaper and have no waiting list to cosmetic procedures. Bangkok also pioneered their world famous sex change so you can come as a man and leave as a women! As they say, everything is possible in Bangkok!

Health and Wellness Sections

Hospitals & Clinics

The medical care available in Bangkok’s top hospitals is second to none, with the focus on service and hospitality as well as professionalism.

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Bangkok Spas

Bangkok’s Best Spas are your inner-city gateways to seventh heaven. Tranquil urban temples dedicated to pampering the body and cleansing the mind.

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Most people who visit Thailand have a to-do list of things that they want to experience, and Thai massage is always very close to the top of that list.

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Beauty Salons

Professional beauty therapists will care for all your beauty needs to ensure you look fabulous and feel special whatever the occasion. Face treatment with natural products and herbs.

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Dentists and Teeth Whitening

Bangkok is blessed with the best dentists in Thailand, with many acquiring their knowledge in US or UK dental colleges and employing these techniques in Bangkok dental surgeries.

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Anti Aging

Thailand’s medical & wellness industry offers treatments that suit any patient’s needs, whether they are looking for traditional care or alternative medicine.

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