Opticians in Bangkok

If you are seeking eye treatment during your visit to Bangkok you are again spoiled for choice.

On most shopping streets you will find Optician Shops who will perform a standard eye test and suggest which lenses you require. The costs are very reasonable and you will generally be offered large discounts on the frames. However, from personal experience, sometimes it is worth taking a second opinion in another shop as some staff are better qualified that others.

However if you know what your dioptres requirement is you have a great choice of lenses and frames, all at sensible prices. This also included contact lenses, some of which are sold almost everywhere!

There are also many highly professional Optometrists and Ophthalmologists available in Bangkok providing you with the opportunity to have a thorough eye inspection and even surgery. Most of the leading hotels have specialised eye departments that perform Lasik vision surgery and full surgical procedures

Recommended Opticians in Bangkok

Siam Optic

Top Charoen

Rutnin Eye Hospital

Thai Eye Center

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RSU Healthcare