Restaurants in Bangkok

Bangkok is often listed as one of the top cities in the world to visit, and it is not surprising especially when it comes to cuisine, it is literally the capital for eating well.

No one has actually counted the number of places to eat, but let’s say you are spoiled for choice in a city that never sleeps.

Of course as far as Thai cuisine, both locals and tourists love the variations that the local dishes provide, and there are many street vendors who can serve up a sumptuous feasts for a few baht.

You will find secretaries sitting next to executives enjoying their lunch or HISO socialites tucking in after a niter out on the town. Eating on the street is not only fun and cheap but is their way of life too!

Perhaps the biggest change however over the past few years are the number of top Michelin star chefs who have also brought their mouthwatering creations to Bangkok too.

Around almost every soi in the center of town you will find great stylish and modern eateries serving everything from imported mussels to high quality steaks.

Thais do prefer to eat out and therefore you will find even the swanky shopping centers have some fantastic restaurants, where you can eat in style. Certainly a step above the fast food chains.

Whether you want a snack or a full blown gourmet treat, Bangkok delivers in style. We are sure you and your friends will enjoy the experience!

Bangkok restaurants cater to all price ranges and are open all hours, proving that this city is certainly heaven for food lovers; a sensational culinary journey and taste experience await in Bangkok, guaranteed to delight your taste buds.

Apart from renowned Thai cuisine with its blend of spicy, sour, sweet and salty, the array of options includes every other famous type of cuisine found in the world. Eating options are limitless, night or day. Great value-for-money food courts, riverside eateries, Thai-style dining in antique teak houses, dinner cruises, trendy restaurants and food markets are only some of the options available.

Restaurants in Bangkok open at a lightning quick rate, so even veterans of the dining scene in the Thai capital always have a new place to check out, and of course there are small family owned restaurants that you can stumble on and be blown away by the level of quality put into such seemingly simple food. It’s certainly one of the highlights of a trip to Bangkok.

Recommended Restaurants in Bangkok

Blue Elephant

Experience Royal Thai cuisine in the heart of Bangkok – experience the culinary delights of the Blue Elephant!

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The Gardens

The Gardens Bangkok is a serene dining experience situated on the historic lands of The Dinsor Palace in the heart of Bangkok.

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Zuma delivers an elegant, yet fun, informal, dining experience created around the traditional Izakaya style of eating and drinking.

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Louis Leeman Seafood

Fantastic fresh seafood and seafood Dim Sum.

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Great Sports Bar and Steak House

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