Sporting Activities in Thailand

Sport in Thailand

Thai people are great sport enthusiasts and greatly enjoy sport. Therefore for the visitor there is a wealth of sporting opportunities available.

Golf is one of the most popular sports played throughout the Kingdom. There are more than 150 magnificent courses to choose from. Whilst the majority are to be found around Bangkok, there are courses scattered throughout the country.

Water Sports are also extremely popular throughout Thailand mainly due to the presence of so many world-class beaches and the ambient weather. Water sports include scuba diving, snorkeling, deep sea fishing, canoeing, wind surfing, kite surfing, parascending, wake-surfing, water skiing, paddle boarding, sailing and more.

Inland opportunities include horse riding, elephant riding, parachute jumping, cycling, mountain biking, badminton, squash, tennis, volleyball and of course traditional Thai sports including Muay Thai and Takro.

Thailand – where (almost) everything is possible!

Sporting Activities available in and around Bangkok


Bangkok offers some of the most amazing courses in the world. All within an hours drive from the city. Beautiful courses, charming caddies and an enjoyable round of golf await you.

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Water Sports

A wide range of watersports are available both in the city and a short drive away at the sea. Thailand has it all and it’s warm all the year adding to your experience and enjoyment.

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Adventure Sports

Within the city or a short drive outside are a vast range of Adventure tours for all interests and ages including Ziplining, Elephant Rides, Rafting, Quads and much more.

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