Tailors in Bangkok

The first time that I visited Thailand I was somewhat bemused at the plethora of Indian tailors throughout the Kingdom, sometimes even on the beaches. Everybody is in shorts and t-short, who needs a suit!

Later I learnt that the Indian craftsmen had been many generations in Thailand and that the Bespoke Tailoring is firmly in there hands.

There are not many places in the world that can offer a suit plus shirts for US$120, and made overnight! The make mostly to European, North American standards and are generally not lightweight unless you order.

How to choose is hard. Whilst we list some of our preferences our advice is just to try your first order and if you are satisfied, you will return. So you have chosen your shop and you walk in(in your shorts and t-shirt), whilst many can offer an overnight service we don’t recommend as this does not allow time for a second(or third fitting). So allow up to 6 days if you can.

You will be offered a vast range of material for your suit, generally most are of quite high quality. Having chosen the colour and material, the most fun is choosing the lining with many wild and colourful choices. Then comes the measurements.

Tell your tailor what you like, listen to his advice but it is you that will wear the suit. They will measure you in every direction as the suit is going to be created specifically for you and your requirements. You can choose how many pockets, where, for mobile phone, for pens etc. You will then be told to return in one or two days for the first fitting.

At the first fitting your suit is not complete and the sleeves will be attached whilst you are wearing it. In our opinion this is essential, hence the extra time to ensure a perfect fit.

The suit will be whisked away and on the next day you can try the finished article! At the third fitting, do be demanding, if you feel that the fit could be better, tell them and it will be changed.

The way to a really great fitting suit, and shirts may take a few days but you will be rewarded with a really smart and well fitting suit. And the price? Well you can get for US$100 but for good quality material and an excellent fit, budget for US$300.

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Sam Surin

Sam Surin is renowned for the quality of it’s Bespoke Suits.

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Louis Collections

Our authentic craftsmanship begins with a meticulous fitting from our fitting specialist.

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Narry Bespoke

As a professional tailoring service in Bangkok, we pride ourselves on making the best suits

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Advertise your Tailoring Business and gain new clients

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Oxford Tailor

The Oxford Tailor is the best custom tailor in Bangkok for your shirts, suits and trousers

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