Conveniently located on Soi 39 close to Phrom Pong BTS and offering ample parking in front of the door, V-VA Spa & Massage allows you to escape into luxurious serenity. Offering a unique range of Day Spa service that is beyond your expectations, where you can relax and be pampered in an intimate spa atmosphere with soft music and beautiful candle scents. Re-discover and embrace your inner and outer beauty.

Join the freedom of relaxation and get away from everyday stress and tension.

“…as the elimination of stress and tension is critical to the improvement and maintenance of overall well-being.”

Products & Services

V-VA Spa & Massage combines the essence of nature and purity. The diverse mixture of Asian, European and Traditional Indian treatments will rebalance your energy and remove stress, reduces muscle tension and increases your awareness and tranquillity by experiencing a wonderful blend of traditional and modern massage techniques.

Our management and team of highly skilled therapists are always on hand to ensure that your experience will be individually catered to meet your personal needs.

V-VA Before and After Treats

As you arrive, we welcome our valued guests with a refreshing lemongrass scented cool hand towel. The traditional foot cleansing is always carried out before the start of any kind of massage or treatment. We use our unique mix of milky spa salt, bergamot and warm water during the cleansing process followed by alcohol wipes. At the end of your treatment, we help our guests prepare to everyday life hot tea will be served to tour guests since one should keep your body warm to help improves the stimulation and relaxation of contracted muscles and also helps to boost blood circulation.

Our range of treatments is comprehensive and specifically designed for your well being and includes :-

Spa Address:

39 Boulevard – Executive Residence
39-41 Sukhumvit 39 (Soi Promjitr),
Khlong Tan Nuea, Wattana,


Opening Hours: 12pm – 10.30pm (last request 10 pm)

Telephone: Direct Line: (+66) 02 160 0314

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♦ Aromatherapy (Aroma Massage)

The relaxing properties of the specially selected essential oils that accompany the long relaxing therapeutic stokes from your therapist will create an aura of total relaxation for mid and body, leaving you relaxed and re-charged for daily life.

Duration: 60 / 90 / 120 Mins

♦ Deep Tissue Massage / Sport Massage

A deep tissue therapeutic remedial massage treatment focusing on muscular tension due to athletic activities or to stress-related work symptoms.

Duration: 90 / 120 Mins

♦ Hot Herbal Compress Massage

A traditional Thai Medicinal treatment using a fragrant poultice of herbs, heated to a comfortable, warm temperature. Applied directly to different parts of the body, provide a nurturing and penetrative effect.

Duration: 90 Mins

♦ Aromatic – Thai Massage

A combination of Aromatic Oil Massage and Thai Traditional Massage is performed by specialized and well-trained therapists to assist in re-balancing of body and mind with an exclusive blend of warm essential aromatic oil of your choice to help you attain a heightened sense of pure relaxation.

Duration: 90 Mins

 ♦ Foot Massage

A special treatment based on the principles of basic reflexology in addition to a mixture of foot relaxation using blended aroma oil combined with lemongrass massage cream and Thai herbal pain reliever balm. Controlled pressure is applied to various zones of the feet, your calves and knees using the thumbs, fingers and palm. A professional foot massage restore the flow of energy throughout the entire body.

Duration: 60 / 90 / 120 Mins

♦ Head/Neck/Shoulder Massage

If you work in an office and sit more than minimum 2 hours continuously in-front of a desktop screen or if you have a stiff neck and shoulder, tension, knots, office syndrome related pains, you definitely need this treatment. A 40 minutes head, neck and shoulder massage session will help to release the tightness and stiffness of the tensed muscles in the neck and shoulder region.

Duration: 40 Mins

♦ Thai Traditional Massage

 Thai Traditional Massage was created centuries ago to increase flexibility, improve circulation and to balance the body. On a firm massage bed and wearing special clothes (provided by the spa), you will be gently moved to various positions, thus allowing the body’s internal energy to flow more freely. It is a dry massage with many health benefits.

Duration: 60 / 90 / 120 Mins

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