Vegetarian Restaurants in Bangkok

Thailand can boast that it has one of the largest choice of vegetables in the world. A visit to any market will have a vegetarian almost drooling at the choice and freshness. Combined with a fast stir-friend cooking process that retains all the goodness and flavours, Thailand should lead the world for vegetarian food offerings!

Whilst Thai Food generally uses more vegetables than meat there are few traditional vegetarian dishes. Tofu has been introduced to Thai food with some of the brands even offering Chicken or Meat flavour, which is probably a red flag to traditionalist vegetarians!

Whilst vegetarians can generally find a good selection in most Bangkok restaurants a new breed of authentic vegetarian restaurants can be found around Bangkok.

Recommended Vegetarian Restaurants in Bangkok

Broccoli Revolution

Dosa King


The Vegetarian Cottage

Mango Vegetarian Restaurant


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