WhatsOnInBangkok.net Explained

What’s On In Bangkok.net is designed as a straightforward, clear and informative Internet portal providing relevant information for tourists planning to travel to Thailand. As many of the multi-national sites have become so vast and full of extraneous details, we have concentrated on pertinent information to ensure a most successful and enjoyable stay in Bangkok, the City of Angels.

Within What’s On In Bangkok.net, visitors will discover a wealth of practical details including: When to visit Bangkok; Where to Stay in Bangkok; Bangkok Food & Drink; Activities/Sporting in & around Bangkok; Bangkok Shopping; Health & Wellness amenities in Bangkok; Bangkok Living & Lifestyle and even Business in Bangkok. Everything the leisure or business traveller needs to know is detailed in What’s on In Bangkok.net

The system offers Bangkok service providers with the opportunity of advertising directly to these tourists before they travel and drives business directly to their doors.

The ‘heart’ of the structure is the unique “Business Window” interface which provides advertisers with their own searchable webpage directly linked to their Facebook page and TripAdvisor. This feature provides professional text, Logo, descriptive photos, full contact details and even a map showing the exact location in Bangkok. We provide a more personal/local relationship to our clients constantly marketing their online shop windows both on the web and in Social Media.

Created by highly experienced marketing experts, What’s On In Bangkok provides high levels of attainable results based on creative configuration ideology combining Social Media, SEO and traditional marketing techniques.

For Tourist/Visitors – What’s On In Bangkok.net provides the precise, relevant information required for a most organised & enjoyable visit to Bangkok.

For Bangkok Businesses – What’s On In Bangkok.net provides a direct line to tourists before they travel to Thailand in addition to when they are here and need accurate, local advice.

Everything you need to know is on www.WhatsOnInBangkok.net

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